Moggy Daily Superfood Supplement 125g - Olive's Kitchen

Moggy Daily Superfood Supplement 125g - Olive's Kitchen

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Packed full of all-natural superfood ingredients, MOGGY DAILY provides cats with an essential dose of gut boosting nutrients that are missing from most modern diets.

Moggy Daily is helpful for:
Advancing gut health
Boosting immunity
Reducing inflammation
Promoting healthy skin and coats
Advancing kidney + bladder health

Proven Natural Ingredients: All of Olive’s Kitchen ingredients have been carefully selected with the support of vets to ensure they DO NO HARM plus, promote better pet gut health and wellbeing naturally.

Serving Guide: Supplement Bag Size – 125 grams (approx. 30 tsps. or one month’s supply)
When starting out, we recommend 1/2 a teaspoon building up to 1 teaspoon per day.   
Serving Suggestions: While we recommend an unprocessed diet for all fur babies, Moggy Daily can be added to wet or dry food bowls.   Mix it in with one of Olive’s Kitchen natural seed oils (coconut, borage or evening primrose oil) to super boost the health benefits.

As it can take time for your cat’s digestive system to adapt to different nutrient levels, it is important to transition gradually to reduce the chance of them having an upset stomach.
We recommend storage of this supplement in a cool place to help preserve the nutrients of the superfood optimally.